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The Sri Lanka Institute of Training & Development (SLITAD) was established to satisfy the long-felt, fundamental yet unfulfilled needs, of the community of human resources development practitioners of the country.

The SLITAD was established on 3rd December 1998 as a non-profit organization aimed at spreading the HRD movement in Sri Lanka. The institute is managed by a national Council with the president at the apex level. The Institute is affiliated to the International Federation of the Training and Development Organization (IFTDO). The SLITAD has many individual members and institutional members.


Mr. Achilles Joseph Founder of Sri Lanka Institute of Training & Development passed away in December 2007 after a brief illness, which is a tremendous loss for HRD profession in Sri Lanka. Mr. Joseph had early education at St. Patrick College Jaffna and joined the Sri Lanka Police and had a distinguished career which took him to the position of Deputy Inspector General of Police.Read More


The main aim of our institution; the Sri Lanka Institute of Training and Development (SLITAD), as the name implies, is to train and develop Human Resources. And when we think of this Institution, we think of trainers and learners; those who are in it now as well as, those who will pass through its' portal over generations to come. And our support, unsurprisingly, is developing the skills of human capital thereby raising standard of their competencies. In short, we increase their productivity; we give them necessary thoughts and deeds, and enhance their talents. All in all we train the trainers for them to be better performers of training who are now, or will be the future, "Trainers".


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